On Friday, Brent Budowsky published an opinion piece in The Hill about how a Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren ticket could win big in 2020.

Budowsky floats a bunch of names — Joe Kennedy, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar, and others — but for him, the winning ticket is Sanders/Warren:

While I could support Sanders, Warren or any of the progressive Democratic change candidates who could run on the ticket in 2020, it is important to disabuse the false notion, which is contrary to the facts demonstrated by national polling throughout 2016 and beyond, that progressive candidates are less electable.

Americans want a clear message of progressive change and would enthusiastically support a Sanders-Warren ticket, or any other ticket running on a similar program in 2020.

Yes, please go with this take in 2018 and 2020: the reason Democrats aren’t winning elections is that they aren’t progressive enough. If only they were a little more fringe, the American public would respond.

You should already follow @MattsIdeaShop, but this logo is a winner no matter what you think about Sanders and Warren — they’re practically obligated to run just to use it: