We at Twitchy write about CNN editor-at-large Chris Cillizza quite a bit, since he shares a hive mind with Brian Stelter, and the two of them provide such a deep vein of material (and a lot of bananas labeled as apples).

But there’s something about Cillizza’s analysis Tuesday night — hey, the Trump administration is just like a reality show! — that really didn’t fly, particularly with Soledad O’Brien.

Wow, he really wants to know why his piece was terrible. We’re pretty sure a lot of media types/liberals were triggered by the last couple of paragraphs:

The medium and long-term impact of running a White House and, therefore, a country, on the principles of reality TV remain to be seen. People can’t tear their eyes from the spectacle, sure, but lots and lots of them say they don’t like what they see.

Trump is betting that in a few years enough people will vote to renew the show, captivated by what possibly could come around the corner next — whether they can admit to themselves how much they like the show.

Lady, the guy’s just some editor-at-large at CNN whose job is to provide analysis and insight into the day’s news — cut him some slack.

What did anyone else think?

We’d love to embed the video here for readers to judge for themselves, so clicking over to CNN is your only option — if you can stomach it.