The Washington Post reports Thursday that the high school graduation rate is poised to drop from 73 percent last year to only 42 percent this year following an investigation that calls last year’s graduation numbers into question.

Perry Stein reports:

Data released Thursday by D.C. Public Schools show that 42 percent of seniors attending traditional public schools are on track to graduate, while 19 percent are considered “moderately off-track,” meaning they could still earn enough credits to earn a diploma.

The likely drop in the graduation rate is the latest fallout from an investigation that cast doubt on the validity of diplomas awarded last year. The graduation rate in 2017 was 73 percent, but the probe revealed that one in three graduates received their diplomas in violation of city policy. Those students had walked across the graduation stage despite missing too many classes or improperly taking makeup classes.

Stein says that even if every student currently considered “moderately off track” managed to graduate, the rate will still top off at 61 percent.

Obviously, the problem is that schools don’t have enough money … right?

Wait, it gets worse.