Here’s the thing about Wednesday’s White House “listening session” on school shootings — it wasn’t a protest, or a march, or a vigil, but an opportunity for the president and vice president to listen to various points of view and proposed solutions to gun violence in schools.

We have to say we were impressed, and Breitbart’s Joel Pollak summed it up pretty well:

That’s just it. You can have someone headlining a rally demanding that someone “do something,” or you can listen to all your options. Or, if you’re, say, New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow, you stop listening when things go beyond your comfort zone.

He tried, but now he’s done listening.

So, scrap the whole listening session because not everyone agreed with Blow’s call for “regulations, bans, and removal.” And forget about having armed security on campus.

Good talk.

We don’t imagine that will be a problem, though it’ll be interesting to hear the liberal spin when Trump softens on gun control.


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