As Twitchy reported, NBC News’ big scoop Friday on former sheriff David Clarke, Jr. — the discovery of a newly released search warrant — fell flat after it was revealed that the Justice Department had already cleared Clarke of the civil rights investigation to which the warrant was connected. It wasn’t fake news, but it was old news pretending to be new.

On Saturday, Clarke took aim at the media, posting a photo of himself and Trump wrestling “CNN.”

We know from experience that journalists from CNN can be triggered easily by such images and animated GIFs, but for some reason, “40-Year-Old Virgin” director Judd Apatow felt he had to report the tweet as a threat.

Are we seriously doing this again? Whom, exactly, did Clarke threaten to punch? CNN’s logo or the LYING LIB MEDIA?


KERPLUNK! Big ‘SCOOP’ on former sheriff David Clarke Jr. falls flat