Not much has been said lately about high-speed rail, but it was quite an ambitious part of the 2009 stimulus package. States like Ohio, Florida, and Wisconsin wisely turned down federal money to build high-speed rail lines, knowing they couldn’t afford the project in the long run, even subsidized by the federal government.

California, of course, went ahead with plans for a high-speed rail line, and as The City Journal reported this week, California’s bullet train “will cost far more than projected, won’t thin out today’s jammed highways, and will never run on time.”

The City Journal reports that California “has already spent more than $3 billion on a project with an estimated cost that has bounced around from the original $33 billion to $43 billion, then up to as much as $117 billion, before settling, at least for now, at about $68 billion.”

It’s a shocker, right?

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