The piece by Tova Mirvis in Monday’s Washington Post is actually a reasonably sweet tale of a woman navigating the first Thanksgiving of a second marriage and trying to please everyone, but the tweet and headline promoting it sounds like an utter nightmare: the wokest Thanksgiving ever.

That’s what we thought, but really, it’s worth reading. Again, though, we wonder: aren’t there any media takes on Thanksgiving that don’t make the holiday sound like a politically charged Thunderdome or a sexist 1950s nightmare?

If you don’t read the piece, at least scroll through the replies to that tweet promoting it. Come on: just the idea of a vegan, organic Thanksgiving set off our woke detectors.

What did she learn, really?

DING DING DING! Winner winner, Thanksgiving dinner.

What’s one to do when there are so many people with so many dietary restrictions?

* * *