Be careful what you wish for:

On Wednesday, before sexual misconduct charges against Sen. Al Franken surfaced, The New York Times published an op-ed by Katelyn Beaty, an editor at large for Christianity Today, who made an argument against the so-called “Pence Rule,” for which Vice President Mike Pence has been ridiculed by the Left. By his own rule, Pence does not meet alone with any women who aren’t his wife.

Beaty writes:

The Pence rule arises from a broken view of the sexes: Men are lustful beasts that must be contained, while women are objects of desire that must be hidden away. Offering the Pence rule as a solution to male predation is like saying, “I can’t meet with you one on one, otherwise I might eventually assault you.” If that’s the case, we have far deeper problems around men and power than any personal conduct rule can solve.

The backlash on social media was considerable.

So, is the Pence Rule really about preventing sexual predation, or is it about propriety?

* * *