Here’s some news from NowThis News: President Trump is pushing to have Hillary Clinton prosecuted.

We know from chants of “Lock her up!” at Trump campaign rallies that citizens were pushing to have Hillary Clinton prosecuted, but if President Trump is doing any pushing, we haven’t seen it in 2017. Yes, there have been recent rumblings about the appointment of a second special counsel, but Hillary doesn’t seem to be trying out new shades of prison yard orange.

Still, the 2016 Democrat candidate for president sat down with NowThis News to discuss the, ahem, “push” to prosecute her.

Honestly … just listen to the interviewer’s opening question, even if you don’t hang on to listen to Hillary’s reply.

Wow … we’d seen some suck-up interviews before, when her interviewers were still hoping to make the transition to members of her administration, but damn.

* * *