Actor George Takei appeared on a TV show called “Star Trek” between 1966 and 1969. Now it’s 2017, and he’s using his 280 characters on Twitter to describe life under the United Federation of Planets.

If we recall our classic TV correctly, he and his fictional shipmates spent a whole lot of time blasting enemies with phasers and photon torpedoes, but there was more to it than that behind the scenes. On the plus side, there was no Democratic Party, but on the other hand …

Be our guest.

Hang on a minute, though. We saw how “phaser control” worked, and you clowns had a giant government-controlled ship equipped with phasers that could annihilate alien species from orbit, so shut up. No one needs a phaser that powerful.

Shirtless. And out of his mind. Good thing security had phasers. Who let this guy have a sword on a spaceship anyway?


We saw those poor schlubs mining for dilithium crystals to run the warp drive, but they must not have minded doing the dirty work since they didn’t have to pay for food or housing or education.

* * *