We here at Twitchy write our own headlines, but more often than not, that job goes to a person other than the one who wrote the piece. So while Frank Figliuzzi, former assistant director for counterintelligence at the FBI, touches on some good points in his opinion piece for NBC News, there’s no getting around this tweet:

That sounds an awful lot like admitting defeat, and people aren’t having it.

We’ll admit, we prefer that attitude to this one:

… Today, the White House is already calling for even more stringent constraints on immigration policy. Taken to its illogical extreme, this approach to counterterrorism will preclude anyone from anywhere from entering the U.S. if any of their fellow nationals has ever committed a terror act. That’s not who we are.

Funny how often people these days use “That’s not who we are” to wrap up their arguments to do essentially nothing. How about this: Sitting ducks for terrorists is not who we are.

* * *