As Twitchy reported, Sen. John McCain shared his thoughts on the Vietnam War on C-SPAN over the weekend, and he made what pretty much everyone assumed was a veiled shot at President Donald Trump when he said that rich Americans “found a doctor that would say that they had a bone spur,” while poorer Americans had no choice but to serve.

That had to be a swipe at Trump, right? McCain says it wasn’t.

Politico reports that, during an appearance on ABC’s “The View,” McCain clarified he wasn’t trying to characterize Trump as a draft dodger.

“Senator McCain was referring to one of the great injustices of the Vietnam conflict that led to a majority of poor, undereducated and minority draftees,” McCain spokeswoman Julie Tarallo said. “Senator McCain has long criticized the selective service program during the Vietnam War, which left the fighting to the less privileged.”

Furthermore, Andrew Desiderio of The Daily Beast reported that McCain “blasted” reporters who asked him if he was referring to Trump.

So, the bone spur comment wasn’t a veiled shot at Trump?

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