Stephanie McKellop, a graduate student teaching assistant at the University of Pennsylvania, has protected her Twitter account, so we’re unable to include her original tweet here. However, there are screenshots backed up by reports that have been published since she admitted she’ll always call on white men last … if she has to.

So, black women students will always be called on first, followed by other people of color, followed by white women. Uh huh. It’s something academics call “progressive stacking,” although we can think of some other names for it.

Hey, anyone remember “professor in exile” Bret Weinstein, the “deeply progressive” professor who was told he might not be safe on the campus of Evergreen State College following his opposition to a white-free “Day of Absence”? He had some thoughts.

Looks like the word is out — that our good teaching assistant … was smeared by Nazis. Yeah, that’s the problem here.

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