It’s funny that the HuffPost headline for a piece on Ben Shapiro’s speech Wednesday night at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is “Welcome, Ben Shapiro,” because it gives a good sense of the author’s sense of timing — if you didn’t bother listening to his speech, why not go ahead and publish your piece “welcoming” Shapiro after he’s already left the campus?

The piece was contributed by English professor Misty Anderson, who critiques a lot of what Shapiro’s said in the past, but there’s little to no proof she actually saw the speech he gave Wednesday night. Maybe it was written beforehand and HuffPost held onto it? In either case … FAIL.

In case anyone feels like comparing Anderson’s account of Shapiro’s speech to, well, his actual speech, the whole thing is on YouTube. Or, if you just want a rehash of the standard leftist complaints that stir up the mobs outside his speeches, well, HuffPost is the place.

“His title for the talk at UTK is “The Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings,” the same lecture he gave at Marquette and a leitmotif in many of his canned statements,” Anderson writes. She also alleged that “he spent all his time at Berkeley last month drawing a picture of a violent left, in turns jackbooted and incapacitated by perceived microaggressions, who are out to get him and repeal the first and second amendments.”

Yes, but what did she think of the speech Wednesday night at her own school?

She probably couldn’t get tickets … they were kind of a hot property among students who actually care to listen to visiting speakers and new points of view.

It’s too late for those students who actually did attend Shapiro’s speech, but maybe professors like Anderson can try to undo the damage during their precious class time.

* * *