Earlier Wednesday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell explained at a press conference that “What we’re trying to do is stay out of politics.”

That obviously isn’t working out too well for the league, as it looks like players are taking a knee for more and more social issues than Colin Kaepernick ever thought of when he first refused to stand for the anthem.

The Daily Wire reported Tuesday on an interview CNN contributor and former NFL receiver Donté Stallworth gave this weekend in which he claimed the anthem protests aren’t just about systemic racism in law enforcement, but also housing discrimination and the gender pay gap.

“… from what I’m hearing from players directly involved in these talks, they’re telling me it’s also about the gender pay gap, it’s also about housing discrimination, they have so many things that they are interested in and advocating for and they want the NFL to take ownership in and help be able to use the NFL’s platform,” Stallworth told CNN’s Ana Cabrera.

Ed Morrissey pointed out over at Twitchy sister site Hot Air that while players on the practice squad get $7,200 a week, cheerleaders take home about $100 a game.

So until the gender pay gap, housing discrimination, and who knows what else are fixed to the players’ satisfaction, expect protests to continue … forever.

* * *