In September, the Associated Press eventually deleted a tweet about Education Secretary Besty DeVos using a private jet to fly around the country to tour schools and attend other work events. It’s not that it wasn’t true, but it did leave out the fact that she was using her own jet for travel at her expense.

A similar tweet from The Hill produced the same response among those outraged at the supposed waste of money:

Nearly a month later, BuzzFeed News obtained documents through a FOIA request and confirmed that, yes, DeVos uses her own private jet for work travel. Scandalous!

Tarini Parti blows the lid off:

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has personally paid for at least 21 government-related trips using a private plane this year, according to new documents that confirm the department’s comments about DeVos’s personal plane use, amid scrutiny over cabinet officials’ travel expenditures.

So far this year, DeVos has paid just $4,754 in taxpayer dollars on lodging, rail travel, and meals and incidental expenses, according to documents obtained by BuzzFeed News …

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