Even his biggest fans have had to wonder for the longest time: is Stephen King just that talented a horror writer, or is something up with his brain?

Well, a quick scan of his Twitter feed since Donald Trump’s inauguration shows that he clearly has an unhealthy obsession with the president. Sometimes he’s upset over a specific issue like gun control, sometimes it’s a retweet of an animated GIF, but other times it seems like he’s just trying to fill his daily word quota. Take, for example, this bit of fiction placing Trump in biblical times:

Where to begin? Was Trump even in the temple? Or was he overseeing the building of an even bigger temple next door? Who knows? Who cares? Why is King even tweeting this?

If Donald Trump had directed “It,” would he have left in the group sex scene with the kids? We imagine some Hollywood producers would have insisted on it.

Excellent burn.

* * *


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