Fox News’ Suzanne Venker on Saturday picked up on a piece from Australia’s Daily Telegraph entitled, “When making a sandwich is a crime against feminism.”

The piece, by Miranda Devine, told of a woman named Maddie who asked a group of mothers on Facebook for alternatives to sandwiches to pack for her hubbie. Venker reports that she was met with responses like, “Stuff that, hubby is a grown man. I already do his laundry and keep his children alive.” Others included, “My role is childcare during working hours and that’s it” and “He’s lucky if I decide to make dinner some nights.”

Venker thought Maddie sounded like a nice wife, but instead “she was told she was nothing but a ‘slave’ and a ‘1950s housewife.’ She was also ‘weird,’ as no woman in her right mind would do something so demeaning as to make her husband lunch.”

It’s practically “The Handmaid’s Tale” come to life. Or is it?

So, are you weak if you make your man a sandwich?


* * *