This just keeps getting more ridiculous. First, the New York Times publishes a piece reporting that movie producer Harvey Weinstein had reached eight settlements over three decades of alleged sexual harassment and unwanted physical contact.

Then we learned that Weinstein’s defenders included lawyer Lisa Bloom, former special counsel to Bill Clinton Lanny Davis, and former Obama White House communications director Anita Dunn, while Weinstein lashed out against the NRA (!) in a personal statement.

We should now be at the point where intrepid journalists track down Democrat politicians and ask if they’ll return their donations from Hollywood, and where those celebrities distance themselves from Weinstein with blistering statements of their own.

Instead, we seem to be getting a big yawn from people who knew all of this all along but … didn’t care? CNN’s Jake Tapper shares this:

Why should they have to tell high-rollers like Hillary and Obama if was such an open secret?

Ah … that explains this tweet from Variety’s co-editor-in-chief.

So we should assume everyone at Variety knew about it too, but because no one they talked to would go on record … they just had to pretend it wasn’t happening? We’re kind of stuck here: we’re used to taking all our moral lessons from Hollywood, but this one is tough to comprehend.


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