Nobel laureate Paul Krugman quickly racked up more than 10,000 “likes” Saturday afternoon for his tweet placing the blame for a cholera outbreak in Puerto Rico squarely on “Trumpie,” i.e., President Donald Trump.

Message heard and received. Those who stuck around for around six hours, though, were treated to a follow-up tweet in which the New York Times columnist admitted the cholera outbreak was, um, “not confirmed” and “not certain.” Heckuva fact-check, Kruggie.

It’s true that magazines like Wired and The Daily Beast, along with left-wing blogs like The Daily Kos, have published pieces about a cholera outbreak being possible, but for now it’s fake news. Not fake enough for Krugman to delete his tweet or apologize, though.

Steve Inskeep of NPR hasn’t been able to confirm any cases of cholera.

It doesn’t matter; those who hate Trump will believe he somehow caused a cholera epidemic by ignoring the crisis in Puerto Rico because of all the brown people. Right, Kruggie?

* * *