We still don’t know what Verrit is for, and Verrit co-founder and Hillary Clinton superfan Peter Daou still doesn’t know what it’s for. Sure, he calls the site “Media for the 65.8 Million” (who voted for Hillary in 2016), but those authentication codes still kill us.

You see, among the thousands of factors Hillary Clinton has cited in explaining her loss was “fake news” — and Verrit takes care of that problem by spouting talking points in the form of liberal trading cards and then gives you a number you can use to “authenticate” the fact or quote against a database and ensure your card isn’t “counterfeit.”

Sometimes the claim on the Verrit tweet doesn’t match the contents, though.

Yeah, that’s not a poll “proving” that Americans miss Barack Obama, though for many that’s certainly true — especially if missing Barack Obama includes missing all the people who lost their damn minds when Trump won and formed “The Resistance.”

For those who care, here’s the Verrit card, complete with authentication number.

Americans miss Barack Obama … discuss.

* * *