A quick raise of hands by the staff here at Twitchy shows we’re pretty staunchly anti-communist, and it was patently offensive for several blue-checkmarks to liken the antifa in Charlottesville to World War II veterans and Allied soldiers storming Normandy.

But we’ll pass on the planned March Against Communism in Charlotte this December, which will reportedly feature as a speaker white nationalist Richard Spencer and might include a torch march, just like the one in Charlottesville. In fact, seeing as it’s 2017, we’ll pass on any event other than the Olympics where participants carry torches. Especially citronella tiki torches from Home Depot.

We’re not big on endorsing Democrats either, but Sen. Jeff Jackson seems to have it right. White supremacists light their tiki torches and have a rally, which compels members of the antifa to gear up in their masks and hoodies and self-righteously punch Nazis.

So now, the white supremacists are going to have an “anti-communist rally” to fight back against the communists who show up with bats and pepper spray at every white supremacist rally. To paraphrase Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer … everybody, just stay home. Like normal people.

OK, if you’re really hot on going, here’s the poster:

But seriously, surely there will be better things to do on Dec. 28. President Trump certainly could have been more eloquent about it, but yes, there is more than one side involved in this clown show, and neither one deserves the oxygen it’s been getting. Let them fight on pay-per-view or something and donate the money to hurricane victims.

* * *