We can’t take credit for uncovering this connection, but now that it appears to be proved beyond a doubt by the woman in question herself, it makes for a fun bookend to the circus surrounding Ben Shapiro’s speech at UC Berkeley Thursday night.

Police, who it appears were actually given the green light to do their jobs, arrested nine in connection with Shapiro’s appearance, many on charges of carrying banned weapons. Among those arrested was Sarah Roark, 44, of San Francisco.

It didn’t take long for Internet detectives to track down Roark’s Facebook page, which features as her profile photo a pic of her with Hillary Clinton.

Are we sure that’s her? Yep, we’re sure … she’s since updated her Facebook page with posts about her arrest, including this video from Refuse Fascism hold a press conference about the charges. (By the way, the woman speaking on their behalf is Sunsara Taylor of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, Refuse Fascism, The World Can’t Wait, and Stop Patriarchy, so she does this a lot.)

NBC Bay Area reports that Roark “is active in the Berkeley anti-facism movement, speaking out on the streets and on social media. But her husband said she is never violent.” She was arrested because her sign exceeded the size allowed by the police. While police have been wary of poster board signs attached to wooden handles (the sticks can be weaponized), Roark’s is reported to have complied with construction material requirements.

So we’re not expecting the press, who can’t get enough of Hillary Clinton these days, to ask if she renounces her supporter with the really big sign. But it’s nice to know, following free-for-all riots like the one surrounding a canceled appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos, that police issued specific guidelines for protesters to follow and then enforced those guidelines for a change.

What we don’t understand, though, is why anyone would feel the need to hold an anti-fascist demonstration outside of a Ben Shapiro speech. Have any of these clowns ever heard him speak?

* * *