Ever get the feeling you’re being played? Sure, rescinding DACA sounds heartless, but why wouldn’t it when everything’s been positioned in terms of children and “dreamers” and on and on? And now a video is spreading of young woman breaking down into tears in front of reporters on Capitol Hill Wednesday over fears she’ll be deported.

We don’t like to see people cry (or choke on pubes), but we also don’t like to see legislation passed just to stop people crying, any more than we like to see a poem bolted to the Statue of Liberty interpreted as immigration policy.

The thing is, deportation seems very unlikely after President Trump said he’d “revisit the issue” if Congress doesn’t pass the DREAM Act in the next six months. In other words, if Congress does nothing (a good bet), he’s opened the door to extending DACA indefinitely.

For a heartless but solid take on this whole mess, we now turn to National Review’s Kevin Williamson.

Karen Caudillo’s parents brought their children to America illegally, forcing them to live “in the shadows,” and then President Obama gave them false hope by implementing an extra-constitutional policy that skirted Congress and allowed him to get a safe distance from office when it came crashing down.

So blame Trump, who, again, doesn’t seem very anxious to deport DREAMers.

See that word “law” that keeps popping up? That’s why Trump punted over to the legislative branch. You want to change the law? Then change the law, and then enforce it.

And we’ve already seen what happens in a country where we elect a new president every four or eight years.

We’re not sure the crying girl is from Mexico, although the large majority of DREAMers are. Why doesn’t Vicente Fox, former Mexican president, instead of spending his time online trolling Trump, do something to reassure her that Mexico would be a good move for her? There’s opportunity there too, right? She can own a business there, correct?

According to detectives on Reddit, she apparently she owns an organic cleaning business incorporated in the state of Florida … that’s a good trick considering she’s an illegal alien.

* * *