For better or worse, President Trump has settled on Twitter as his social media platform of choice. That’s quite a different tack than the previous administration took, sitting for interviews with YouTube celebrities, slow-jamming the news on late-night TV, and sharing Spotify playlists to go with presidential and vice presidential vacations and holidays.

Hillary Clinton picked up the baton with her Iowa “launch party” playlist, and the music streaming service even got in on the act with its offer to “Canadify” music for those pondering fleeing the United States if Hillary didn’t win.

It looks like Spotify is staying in the politics game, on Tuesday releasing a 56-song playlist called “No Time for Silence” and featuring both songs and spoken-word interludes by artists offering support for DREAMers in the wake of DACA being dropped.

Spotify offers this description of the playlist (have a tissue ready): “Artists offer solidarity to the Americans affected by the recent DACA announcement. When millions of hearts are broken, the resistance needs a beat.”

President Obama’s executive order wasn’t enough, but maybe a playlist including Demi Lovato’s 10-second message to DREAMers will convince President Trump that another temporary end run around the Constitution is the right path for the country.

Brace yourselves for more wokeness from Spotify; TIME reports that “No Moment for Silence” will serve as “an ongoing platform for breaking news around social issues.” Yay.

* * *