OK, the headline’s a little misleading in that it appears some women will always feel compelled to dress as vaginas while protesting, while the more demure will settle for the Women’s March pussy hat. So it’s actually kind of refreshing to see people dressed as dinosaurs marching on Washington for a change.

Why are they dressed as dinosaurs? That doesn’t really matter, does it, aside from the fact that someone convinced others it was a good idea.

Just keep in mind while watching the video how the first lady was slammed for dressing in heels on the way to the rescue and relief effort in Texas … maybe Vogue will favor us with a write-up of how “in” dinosaur suits are this season?

Yeah, it looks like the message might have gotten lost in the presentation.

OK, here’s a clue to deciphering the dinosaur suits: they don’t want service programs like YouthBuild, the Peace Corps, Teach For America (DeRay Mckesson’s old stomping ground), and City Year to go extinct due to funding cuts.

* * *