J.K. Rowling’s tweet by itself was weird enough to garner a post:

It’s nice that she found Twitter’s Mute button and all, but apparently she has another option (besides quitter Twitter once and for all) — she could donate some of that sweet “Harry Potter” loot to help buy a controlling interest in Twitter, and then ban everyone she wanted, starting with President Trump, of course.

As Twitchy noted just a week ago, former covert CIA ops officer Valerie Plame Wilson is making the most of not being undercover anymore and has set up a GoFundMe page to #BuyTwitter, #BanTrump. The campaign is now trending, having shot from $3,000 to $83,000 in just a week, but still a ways short of that $1 billion goal.

At first the campaign just sounded ridiculous, but now we’re thinking how great it would be to ban all of those people on social media who compare everything against the only books they’ve ever read: the Harry Potter series. And it’s not just us:

On second thought, banning people simply because you disagree with them just sounds petty and self-defeating. Then again, Plame Wilson has made the case that Trump’s tweets “damage the country and put people in harm’s way.” Maybe if she made a better case, Kim Jong Un would just mute him, the world would be saved, and she could raise money for a better cause. How soon until the online backlash against her for raising money online for this while Houston is hit with flooding?

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