It’s a very handy thing for President Obama and the Democrats that so many things that have come to a head now (tensions with North Korea, the controversy over Confederate monuments) built up steam very, very gradually when they were in power.

Sure, in 2015 an activist pulled down a Confederate flag that was flying on the State House grounds in South Carolina, but that was just “an act of public art” in advance of Gov. Nikki Haley ordering it taken down anyway.

And in 2016, a crowd of protesters outside the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia compelled the city to remove Mississippi’s flag from a light post … something none of the high-ranking Dems inside the convention hall had thought to do.

So, yes, Democrats could have pushed for the removal of all Confederate flags and monuments, but about as far as they got was to pressure TV Land to stop showing “Dukes of Hazzard” reruns.

Enter House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi then, with a call for Rep. Paul Ryan to remove statues of Confederates from the U.S. Capitol. Hmm, wonder why the previous majority leader left them in place while them Duke boys were being pulled off of basic cable?

The statues have always been reprehensible? Funny she didn’t mention it before, having walked past them for so many years.

Nice one.

OK, stop.

It’s nice that they got a comment from Ryan’s office, but didn’t anyone think to ask Pelosi why she didn’t remove the statues?

Brad Thor has a question:

But Byrd repented!

So what are we supposed to do about these white supremacist college kids and their tiki torches? Hope they follow Byrd’s example and one day repent? Or praise the antifa thugs who go after them with baseball bats by comparing them to World War II soldiers?

Sorry, but Byrd’s portrait should be the first to go.

* * *