Newsweek published a typically lopsided report last week on a new survey gauging voters’ attitudes toward Black Lives Matter in 2017. Seventy percent of voters surveyed said black-on-black crime in African-American communities was a bigger issue than police violence against African-Americans.

That perception seems to have played out this weekend in Baltimore, where Baltimore Ceasefire organizer Erricka Bridgeford asked that “nobody kill anybody” for 72 hours straight, starting at midnight Thursday. The Baltimore Sun reports that groups organized more than 40 events over the weekend in connection with the effort.

Still, two people were reported shot and killed Saturday, and another man killed by gunfire was discovered early Monday morning, bringing the number of homicides in Baltimore in 2017 to 211, putting the city on pace to experience the deadliest year in its history.

Organizers are still calling the grassroots effort a success.

Last spring, one day after 20 people had been shot in his city, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel kicked off a similar effort called “Put the Guns Down,” expressing his belief the city could go 24 hours or more without gun violence. Within that time span, 15 were shot, 3 fatally.

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