Here’s a shocker: according to NPR, a recent study out of Lund University in Sweden suggests that the most effective way to reduce climate change is for people to have fewer children.

OK, so it’s not a shocker — “progressives” throughout history have been trying to control who gets to reproduce and how often, long before anyone proposed the idea of anthropogenic climate change: check out Thomas Malthus and the “Malthusian trap” or, more recently, Margaret Sanger’s involvement with the eugenics movement.

NPR’s just trying to keep that tradition alive by promoting that Swedish study, which lists four “high-impact” ways to fight climate change:

Again, pretending that any one of those findings is new is about as realistic as expecting Al Gore to give up air travel. But NPR’s report does touch on something new to us: study co-author Kimberly Nicholas noted that a lot of those “woke” would-be parents out there who “know the science” of climate change “are overwhelmed by it [and] … feel guilt or despair” — an affliction known as “climate trauma.”

But what if potential parents know the science and want to raise their child on a healthy planet? Nicholas remains optimistic.

“Having a child in that case is a vote of hope,” she says. “It’s a vote that the world is going to be a better place and we can actually tackle this challenge.”

Nicholas says in her own life, she and her fiancé are deciding whether they want to cast that vote of hope for themselves.

“Because we care so much about climate change, it is a factor we’re considering. But it’s not the only one.”

* * *