During a joint press conference in Paris between President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron, one reporter sent eyes rolling when he asked Macron’s opinion of Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico.

The question did have some value, though; thanks to a typo, the press was led to believe that Trump, perhaps having spent some time at urbandictionary.com, had described some of the drug smuggling over the existing border fence as “cray.”

Getting hit by a flying 60-lb. bale of weed does sound pretty cray.

Some people thought it was pretty cray cray that Trump was worried about citizens being hit by flying sacks of drugs from Mexico.

To be honest, we’ve never heard of anyone being struck by flying drugs, but Border Patrol agents have discovered at least one pretty elaborate catapult system attached directly to the existing border fence, ready to fling two sacks of pot into Douglas, Ariz. And there was that smuggler who hid 67 lbs. of pot in a casket. Maybe with a decent barrier in place, things wouldn’t be so cray cray at the border.

Now we kind of want to see a demonstration of smugglers trying to catapult bales of pot over Trump’s proposed wall of solar panels — that would be lit.

* * *