The NRA happily spread the word Monday that a legal challenge to the state’s campus carry law by three University of Texas at Austin professors was dismissed by a federal judge Friday.

Despite vocal opposition, the legislation passed in 2015 but didn’t take effect until August 2016, when a federal judge denied a request by three professors for a preliminary injunction to block it. Students opposed to campus carry returned to school that fall waving sex toys in a “Cocks not Glocks” protest.

Fast-forward to 2017, and a federal judge has again ruled against professors fighting the law. The Texas Tribune reports that District Judge Lee Yeakel wrote that the professors couldn’t present any “concrete evidence to substantiate their fears” that campus carry would limit their free speech.

“The professors claimed, among other arguments, that the law violated their First Amendment rights since the possibility of a gun being in their classrooms might make them hesitant to discuss controversial issues,” the Tribune reported … although there’s been plenty of evidence recently that students don’t need firearms to shut down speech they consider controversial.

* * *