It’s difficult to know what to do with Bernie Sanders sometimes. He’s not a Democrat, and yet he has a devoted following among them. He was the featured attraction of the so-called 2017 “unity tour” with new DNC chair Tom Perez and took the opportunity to bash Democrats for their failing policies and inability to win elections.

Add to that he’s a democratic socialist who has three houses and was endorsed by the president of oil-rich Venezuela, where the government is opening fire on rioters protesting food shortages.

One thing of which there’s never a shortage is Sanders spouting cliches about the rich and the poor; if only we could tax him on every tweet completely lacking in self-awareness.

It’s scary how many people “like” his tweets … maybe we’d be tempted if he ever followed up on one, describing how true freedom comes from a compulsory income tax administrated by a corrupt bureaucracy and enforced with the threat of prison time. Then again, some didn’t like his tweet because he left out housing and college tuition, and those can be really expensive, you know?

Amen. If you like Venezuela, you can move to Venezuela.

Honestly, whoever writes Bernie’s tweets for him doesn’t deserve this quality of thoughtful responses; nothing’s ever going to get through.

* * *