As Twitchy reported, the Washington Post and Pulitzer Prize winning reporter David Farenthold on Tuesday busted President Trump, exposing framed covers of Time Magazine at several of his golf clubs as novelty mock-ups, i.e., fake news.

Farenthold updated the story with a request from Time that the fake magazine covers be removed, and the Trump Organization seems to have complied. Employing the same dogged determination he applied to his award-winning look at Trump’s charitable giving, Farenthold again updated the story Thursday, noting that the senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications for the Trump Organization had not responded to his follow-up questions.

No response to Question 2? Meaning that copies of the fake Time cover could be deceiving club guests this very day? It’s no wonder they’ve gone silent.

Visualizing workers taking down framed photos of Donald Trump and chucking them into a cardboard box somewhere has to be a tantalizing image for millions … the inverse of watching those last framed photos disappear from the walls of the White House in mid-January. Until then, we can only wait for an official response … or maybe some sly undercover work before democracy dies in the darkness of a storage closet.

Hillary’s emails are old news … although we never did hear directly from the guy who wiped her server with BleachBit after trying to find out if it was possible to alter email headers after they’d been archived. That could make for an interesting story sometime.

* * *