After the 2016 election results caught so many Americans by surprise, newly awakened citizens found themselves treading unfamiliar ground. They were still in America, but now it was “Trump’s America,” and everything seemed upside-down.

Slate on Wednesday captured how it feels to come to grips with things as they stand now. It turns out, for example, that while “gay” was practically synonymous with “good” during the previous administration, Donald Trump had managed to spawn something known as the gay villain, sad proof that just because a guy likes other guys doesn’t mean he’s a good guy.

Pictured, of course, is Milo Yiannopoulos, who “helped equate racist, sexist, and xenophobic harassment with acceptable public discourse.” His discourse is so toxic that, despite the fact his speech there was canceled, anti-fascists at Berkeley were compelled to vandalize the campus, break windows, set fires, pepper-spray bystanders, and then march through town, smashing ATMs and spray-painting storefronts … all to protect the public from hearing it.

The other villains of the piece include Caitlyn Jenner and Peter Thiel, the billionaire entrepreneur who founded PayPal but is best known for being gay, apparently.

It’s just so sad that a handful of Trump-supporting villains had to spoil what so Americans thought had already made America great:

Visible gay villains teach the world that queers aren’t all lovable Ellen DeGenereses, glamorous Laverne Coxes, sharp-witted Anderson Coopers, and goofy Neil Patrick Harrises. Equality means having the freedom and power to be just as fucked up and insufferable as anyone else.

Could the gay villains at least make themselves stand out so the public knows who’s good and who’s evil?

* * *