Local, national, and even international news outlets on Tuesday were fascinated by the cancellation of regional flights in Phoenix, Ariz., due to high temperatures.

It’s a bit of a “chicken or the egg” scenario: is it the desert heat that’s made it too hot to fly, or have all those flights altered the earth’s climate and raised the temperature in Phoenix to unprecedented highs? Either way, Mayor Greg Stanton has already taken action, pledging this month to honor the Paris Agreement despite President Trump’s withdrawal of the United States.

Obviously that’s not fair; it will take time and the combined efforts of all nations to bring down the planet’s temperature. Still, celebrity climatologists never hesitate to blame an uncomfortably hot day in Manhattan on man-made global warming, so why not?

Some headlines made it sound like every flight was canceled, when it was smaller planes like the Bombardier CRJ that were deemed too close to their top operating temperature.

It must be … climate change.

According to ABC News, Phoenix hit 118 degrees Monday, “tying the record for the date set last year.”

It’s the extremes of hot and cold that prove this isn’t natural.

Hello … all the flights in were canceled because of the heat.

* * *