Obviously, we have to give credit to MSNBC host Joe Scarborough for boldly taking it to George Takei after the “Star Trek” star noted on Twitter that “bigoted, homophobic Rep. Steve Scalise” was saved by a black lesbian (that would be Special Agent Crystal Griner — black lesbians have names too).

Phew … looks like he hasn’t yet.

Even if he’d missed the detail that shooter James T. Hodgkinson had in a letter to the editor called MSNBC’s “Maddow” one of his favorite shows, Scarborough really should have stopped there instead of asking what kind of person would attack a man recovering from a near-fatal gunshot. Never ask a question when you don’t really want to hear the answer:

Are we talking about the Joy Ann Reid who essentially took Takei’s exact slam (which he likely lifted from Fusion) and then added a list of reasons why an MSNBC-watching psycho might shoot up a ball field full of Republicans?

We’d be tempted to stay locked in our dressing rooms at MSNBC too, but Scarborough must know something about his on-air colleagues.

Not management, though; they’re too busy hiring every white conservative in sight to even keep up with current events.

Who would attack a man fighting for his life? The judges also would have accepted, “Many of your followers on Twitter.”

That, again, would be Crystal Griner … better known to progressives as “the black lesbian.”

* * *