As protesters and counter-protesters clash in the United States today at a number of March Against Sharia rallies across the country, investigators in the U.K. are releasing more information about the London Bridge attack that took place one week ago tonight.

As Twitchy reported Monday, police had arrested 12 people in connection with the attack on Sunday but all were released without charge. However, ABC News reports that police arrested a 28-year-old man this morning and detained him under the Terrorism Act.

Police also released an image of one of the knives used in the London Bridge attack, after the attackers ran down pedestrians, ditched their rental van and headed to the crowded Borough Market. They’re described as Ernesto brand ceramic kitchen knives, the handles of which the attackers had wrapped with grip tape and attached a leather wrist strap.

Police also revealed the terrorists had stored several petrol bombs in their rental van, but they were shot before they had a chance to deploy them. Further, they had hoped to rent a much larger 7.5 ton truck to maximize their killing power, but in a fortunate development, Khuram Shazad Butt’s payment was declined.

Finally, police found “a copy of the Quran opened at a page ‘describing martyrdom’ at one of the attackers’ houses.”

Tonight, the British Red Cross is hosting a “Night for London” and encouraging people to head out and carry on as usual.

* * *