As Twitchy reported, somewhere out there Wednesday among all of the network countdown clocks to James Comey’s Senate testimony were those warning that Republicans were moving ahead with plans to kill tens or even hundreds of thousands by repealing Obamacare and passing the American Health Care Act, aka Trumpcare.

MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes sounded the alarm Wednesday, albeit quietly, but with Comey’s testimony complete and Donald Trump still president somehow, liberals who’d wasted days hyping Comey’s testimony suddenly realized there wasn’t a second to waste.

Yes, it certainly was surreal and frustrating to hand over important personal decisions to the federal government, but at least we got to keep our doctors.

More tension and panic? Increasingly alarmed? MoveOn’s Ben Wikler posted more tweets than we’ll bother with here, but you get the idea.

Again, it was pretty clever of all those conservative news networks like CNN to go wall-to-wall with James Comey coverage for three full days in order to distract the public from the AHCA.

We’re confident in MoveOn’s ability to make anything toxic, but is it strange we’re starting to feel a bit of confidence in Mitch McConnell? Is this all liberal hype too, or is Obamacare really going to be repealed?

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