As Twitchy reported, concertgoers fled the U.K.’s Manchester Arena Monday night following what many described as a loud bang or explosion following an Ariana Grande concert.

Police have cordoned off the area and just confirmed that there were at least 19 fatalities, with around 50 more people injured.

Reporters had spotted bomb disposal trucks arriving on the scene, and now, the BBC and other news organizations are reporting that police are treating the blast as a possible terrorist incident and that the explosion came from the foyer area as people were leaving the show.

The BBC’s Daniel Sandford has details.


Word is the suspicious object was just abandoned clothing.


An account from this woman who was injured while waiting for her daughter certainly sounds like the work of a suicide bomber.


As the Manchester blast appears more and more to have been an act of terrorism, some people have noted that it took place on the fourth anniversary of the machete attack on and near-beheading of British soldier Lee Rigby in the streets of Woolwich.

Twitchy will update this post as details become available.

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