Imagine your reaction were your white, heterosexual, cisgender male partner to tell you he just doesn’t feel comfortable attending GOP town halls across the state wearing that “Nasty Woman” T-shirt you bought him from a street vendor at the Women’s March on Washington.

Assuming he’s not still feeling the Bern and steamed at how the Democrats kneecapped his candidate to preserve Hillary’s plans for an election night glass-ceiling gag, you could order one of those classy “Democrats Give a Sh*t About People” tees inspired by the party’s potty-mouthed chair, Tom Perez.

And you know what would look so great pinned to that T-shirt, besides the safety pin? A sweet “F**k Paul Ryan” pin from Stop the Speaker PAC, which has a simple enough mission statement: “All we want to do is make Paul Ryan’s life hell.”

Rest assured, the pin you receive will be perfectly legible; it’s the photo that was smeared.

Institutionalized … for further study of bizarre mannerisms traceable to untreated neurosyphilis, most likely.

Sure, it’s just one button sold by one PAC, but it really does seem to represent the tone the party’s decided to run with now that Perez is in charge.

* * *