Once the New York Times published its story on an alleged memo of James Comey’s that some say proves President Donald Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice, CNN’s televised debate between Sen. Bernie Sanders and Ohio Gov. John Kasich seemed even less compelling.

CNN ended up moving the broadcast back an hour to 10 p.m. and renaming it, “A CNN Town Hall: White House in Crisis.”

Those who did tune in were happy to see than an Independent and a Republican could interact with civility, which was helped by the fact that so many confuse both of them for Democrats. Sanders/Kasich 2020, anyone?

While it made sense for CNN to do a quick rebranding to capitalize on the buzz over the New York Times story, the idea that the network had scheduled a policy debate without inviting an actual, card-carrying Democrat shows just how shallow the party’s bench is.

In addition, new party chair Tom Perez managed to anger plenty of Democrats by playing second fiddle to the much more popular Sanders on the pair’s recent “unity tour.” While it looks like President Trump is receiving precious little backup from congressional Republicans, it’s worth noting that the Democrats are a big old mess too.

So what’s the deal with Sanders, anyway? Is he running in 2020 or what? Politico reported Tuesday that many Democrats are furious that the Senator is dragging out his decision.

Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas called the unity tour “a disaster,” while a senior party official called Sanders “a constant reminder” of the 2016 campaign that’s keeping the party from healing. The people are still feeling the Bern, though:

So, Sanders making another run as a Democrat in 2020? Sounds great.

* * *