Before taking heat Tuesday for daring to tweet Bible verses, Sen. Marco Rubio on Saturday expressed his approval of two names said to be on the list of those being considered to replace James Comey as FBI director: South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy and Texas Sen. John Cornyn.

As of Tuesday afternoon, both of those names are off the list. Gowdy announced Monday that, after speaking with Attorney General Jeff Sessions twice, he decided to take his name out of the running, saying in a statement, “I would not be the right person.”

That’s pretty vague. Former federal prosecutor and district attorney Gowdy’s skills are legendary, but the memory of his grilling of Hillary Clinton certainly wouldn’t do much for uniting the country. But check out this audition tape of Gowdy questioning Comey to see what could have been:

Amen to that. As for Cornyn, he took his name out of the running as well, a decision he announced Tuesday.

Here’s where we’d list the tweets of those heartbroken about Cornyn pulling his name from consideration; if one pops up in our search, we’ll add it later. Meanwhile, some are still hoping Gowdy finds his way back into consideration.

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