Last August, when the presidential debates were shaping up to look like WrestleMania, Mary Katharine Ham asked on CNN, “Can we get The Rock on stage so I can vote for him and be done with it?”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tweeted his thanks, but not before plenty of people warmed up to the idea. Now, months later, Johnson is sending his thanks again, this time to National Review’s David French — who almost, sort of ran for president himself in 2016.

We see the words “potentially running for POTUS,” and best of all, they’re not preceded by “I’m not.” French’s piece, though, argues that rather than lose The Rock to politics, Americans should hope he stays where he’s needed: in Hollywood, making entertainment. Argue with this if you dare:

Rather than self-seriously viewing his career as secondary to his activism, Johnson clearly aims to entertain. He understands a core truth: that there is nothing wrong — and a lot right — with sheer, unmitigated fun. Not everything has to have a Message. Not everything needs to reveal Larger Truth. Sometimes a man has to shoot down an attack helicopter with a minigun. Not for social justice and not for individual liberty — but because it’s a cool thing to do.

* * *