We were hoping that the firing of former FBI director James Comey, like most bombshell scandals that threaten to bring down the president and perhaps America itself, would burn out after one week of blanket media coverage.

President Trump, however, ensured the story will live on another week with his tweet Friday mentioning “tapes,” which inspired Keith Olbermann to declare, “Trump’s presidency is about to end.”

Now we’re wishing we’d bought stock in the sure-fire growth industry of stories comparing Trump to Richard Nixon. By Friday afternoon, the Washington Post had published its entry about Trump’s long history of secretly recording calls, which included this anecdote, highlighted by the Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale:

That’s a bombshell, no doubt. Unless … didn’t we just read somewhere that Trump has a red button on his desk he can push to order a Diet Coke?

We vaguely recall the story, but we can’t remember where we saw it: was it Architectural Digest or the Straits Times of Singapore?

* * *