Tod Robberson, editorial page editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, alerted readers Tuesday that Stacy Washington’s column would no longer appear in the paper, citing the “unacceptable conflict of interest” posed by her “active promotional activities and professional association with the National Rifle Association.”

Washington herself announced her suspension, which came after the paper on Friday published her column rebutting Missouri School of Journalism professor emeritus George Kennedy’s comparison of the NRA and ISIS in the Columbia Missourian. “Which organization is more dangerous to Americans — ISIS or the NRA?” Kennedy asked, comparing the number of gunshot deaths in the U.S. to American casualties attributed to Islamic jihadist terrorists.

“NRA members committed none of the gun crimes that he mentioned in his article,” Washington wrote in response, allegedly because she’s a shill for the NRA and didn’t fully disclose that in her piece.

Washington’s final column to appear in the Post-Dispatch is well worth reading; the paper’s editors especially should give it another look.

It’s ironic that her column concludes with a warning that newspapers need to do better presenting opposing viewpoints if they want to survive: “As newspapers across the nation come to grips with dwindling subscriber numbers,” she writes, “an introspective look is sorely needed into what is driving Americans away from legacy print media.”

P.S. We’d better disclose our own conflict of interest: Washington writes for and her columns are awesome and you should read them.

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