For those out there who aren’t woke, there’s a relatively new saying out there: America isn’t so much a melting pot anymore as it is a salad. In a salad, you see, the ingredients don’t melt together but remain distinct, retaining their unique flavors and yet combining to make a delicious whole.

That metaphor isn’t just tedious; it’s incorrect. Take for example the melding of cultures that brought us one of America’s newest and most popular holiday staples: smashing a Donald Trump piñata at any opportunity.

Remember back in 2015 when the group Deport Racism released its video of foul-mouthed kids flipping off Trump and whacking away at a piñata in his image? That celebration is still going strong, and was a feature of Monday’s May Day rallies.

File any of these under, “Imagine if this were Obama.”

That piñata got around Los Angeles Monday, mostly by being dragged.

Santa Ana had plenty on hand for everyone.

Something about seeing crowds cheer as a child beheads an effigy of the president really makes you think about immigrant and worker rights.

The big guy’s sign — “I’m am a bastard Nazi racist terrorist domestic” — is clear; the sign on the little guy with the horns reads, “The Son of Satan, Donald Trump.”

We’re not entirely sure if it’s more cost effective to buy the Donald Trump piñata or the traditional donkey with a Trump mask to reuse later.

This might have been an early May Day celebration, but passerby identified it on Twitter as a birthday party. We’ll allow it, since the child is adorable.

* * *