As Twitchy reported last month, Rasmea Yousef Odeh, convicted Palestinian terrorist and co-organizer of the #DayWithoutAWoman strike, had agreed to a plea deal that would see her deported to Jordan.

Odeh had won an appeal of her conviction on immigration fraud and had been granted a new trial, but agreed to the plea deal instead, with her lawyer noting that it was impossible for her to expect a fair trial in U.S. courts “as a Palestinian who has dedicated her life to the cause of liberation.” That dedication extended to her participation in the 1969 terrorist bombing of a Jerusalem supermarket that left two Hebrew University students dead.

On Tuesday, Odeh officially pleaded guilty to immigration fraud for failing to disclose her part in the bombing.

CNN reported that Odeh … sniff … teared up while signing the plea deal.

A court employee present at the hearing told CNN that Odeh was tearing up and had a hard time verbalizing the guilty plea. She eventually held up the signing document, the court employee said, and said that it was true, she signed it.

Legal Insurrection notes that what Odeh admitted in writing Tuesday was that her entire defense — much of which rested on a claim of PTSD — was bogus:

Rasmea faced the prospect that her claim of innocence in the bombings, which has become her life narrative of being a victim of torture and PTSD, would collapse in public testimony by her co-conspirators. Rasmea and her supporters would be revealed, again, to be liars. Rasmea would be convicted again, and likely receive more than the 18 months imprisonment to which she was sentenced after the first immigration fraud trial.

So Rasmea took the plea deal. But she didn’t just take the plea deal, she admitted in writing that her entire defense — including the PTSD — was false.

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