The reinvigorated fact checkers at the New York Times kicked off the Donald Trump presidency with a series of tweets disputing, among other things, the president’s claim that the weather let up during his inauguration ceremony; no, the fact is it sprinkled throughout.

The hate-hate relationship between President Trump and the Times has continued, and on Wednesday, the New York Times tweeted side-by-side photos of the New England Patriots as they turned out in 2015 to meet President Obama and again in 2017 as they met with Trump. Sad!

It might seem petty if one were to overlook the constitutional provision for a re-do of the general election in just this circumstance.

It took a few hours for the Patriots to respond, but the official Twitter account of the team made note that some context was missing. Staffers who had been arranged on the stairs by one photographer in 2015 were seated on the lawn in 2017, out of view of the camera.

Does it really matter? It did enough for someone at the New York Times to bother digging up the old photo. Not to mention, it inspired a tweet (following the Patriots’ clarification) from Stephen Colbert, which is worth more than gold in some humor-starved areas of the world.

We’d prefer Colbert apologize for that joke, although we won’t wait around for either one.

* * *

Update: This important take just in from Ashley Feinberg.

Maybe it’s time she approached ownership about a new take.