There’s not one person who dreams of seeing President Trump dragged out of the Oval Office like it was an overbooked United flight who hasn’t made that fact abundantly clear by now, so it’s not as though Trump is facing calls for his resignation like Sean Spicer did Tuesday for outing himself as a “Holocaust denier.”

Still, plenty couldn’t help but correct the president when, during a press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, he declared that the United States “may be at an all-time low in terms of relationship with Russia.”

Sure, some might remember things differently, but it was pretty sweet walking into a McDonald’s in 1984 when the chain’s “If the US Wins, You Win!” contest coincided with the Soviet Union’s boycott of the 1984 Summer Olympic Games. The trade-off was the constant threat of nuclear annihilation, of course, but at least we didn’t have to face the very real fear of a Chick-fil-A opening on campus.

But, yeah, the Cold War certainly would be hard to beat when picking out a low point in U.S.—Russian relations; that or, as many seemed to think, the 2016 election crisis.

It’s a shame, since that last attempt to reset America’s relationship with Russia went so well.

The president’s whole speech on Russia, it seems, was just a distraction from a bigger issue, if much of Twitter is to be believed.